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Primary Healthcare Service

Acute or chronic illnesses and minor injuries, similar to the service offered by an NHS GP surgery and Private GP Clinic. We have an In-house pharmacy in the centre, therefore patients can receive prescribed medicines immediately after consultation.

Health Screening

Our Health Screening offers patients a whole body health examination, which includes the investigation of cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, gynaecological and / or other organs or systems. We offer a wide range of health assessments and while each one caters for different needs, all are provided on the principle that early detection of illness can mean easier management of the issues and a more successful treatment.


Routine immunisations are provided in line with current UK recommendations. Travel vaccinations are also provided following WHO recommendations. All available vaccines are licensed for use in the UK.

Women's Health

We offer Women’s Health services Provided by GMC Registered Doctors with a special interest in gynaecology. Specifically, we provide health screenings, smear tests and ultrasound scans and perform minor invasive procedures, such as the removal of small polyps. Colposcopy services are also available at city clinic.
We do not offer abortions.

Children's Health

The clinic provides services to children, specifically routine diagnoses and immunisation.

Specialist Referrals

The clinic has close links with several other private hospitals in London, to which patients can be referred for specialist consultations. We have a good relationship with the Cromwell Hospital, London Bridge Hospital, London Clinic and the Portland hospital etc.

Links with the NHS

Links with the NHS

The clinic provides referral letters and, with the patient’s consent, healthcare records for an NHS GP. In the event of an urgent referral, we would call an ambulance.

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