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1971: Kurashiki Medical Centre (KMC) was established in Kurashiki, Okayama.

In looking at the historical development, KMC has been purely disciplined to its philosophy “The advances in medical technologies and services shall serve the well-being of humanity” by focusing on the organic growth serving the medical needs associated with the adult lifestyles and habits. KMC has also been hugely investing in the research facilities in medical science to support the increasing demand in preventative medicines.

1982: Japan Green Hospital Pte Ltd was established by JGH group in Singapore.

GH Group is a subsidiary of KMC, which was established in Japan in 1982. JGH’s mission as a healthcare provider is to deliver a quality medical service to all patients all over the world. With all the medical technologies and knowledge we have constantly widened our field of operation over the years. Consequently we decided to open the clinics in Singapore, London and Shanghai respectively, offering the same quality of service. Our initial aim was to serve Japanese workers and their families who were transferred from Japan, with the same advanced treatments as in Japan. Diagnostic service identical in every respect to those found in Japan was provided, with JGH Dental Clinic which was founded in 1999.

1989: Japan Green Medical Centre (JGMC) was founded in London.

Private GP service

Japan Green Medical Centre was founded in London in 1989, and draws on the wealth of experience built up in Singapore in serving the health needs of Japanese expatriates in the region and the local community.

Patients at ease as our clinics are staffed by Japanese speaking doctors, nurses and medical administrators. In 1993, Acton Clinic was established to contribute to Japanese Society in West London.

In November 2011 JGMC established a Ladies Clinic in west London. This clinic offers reassurance to anxious female patients with delicate health problems by providing high quality consultations with Japanese doctors.

2002: Shanghai Green Clinic was founded in Shanghai.

In the land of China that attracts people from all over the world, the experiences gained in Singapore, London and Shanghai is certain to find more place to contribute.


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